Grand Cayman

April 26 - May 3rd, 1997

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Morritts Tortuga Club Timeshare
We had a 2BR Penthouse, 2BR Townhouse & 1BR oceanfront units in left building

Dock and dive center

Lots of sand and few people

Toy shop

Melitta & Herb

Shelli & Jeff

Karin & Alex

Lighthouse Restaurant 10 miles away


Pat & Stan

All eight of us

Some snack goodies

Penthouse kitchen

Penthouse living room

Stingray City (Texas style)

Dive buddy

Stingray City

Orange sponge

Snorklers at Stingray City

Who knows?

22' sub for 800' dive

Croyinoid (sp?) at 800'

Herb & Melitta in $590 dive

Antler sponge at 500'

Other research sub like ours

Sunrise from our Penthouse

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