What type of questions were we asked?

The questions asked are not included in the video. Our answers were in the form of statements that stand by themselves.
  1. Why did you decide to move to this development (Sun City Roseville), and what was it about the place that you liked?
  2. Tell me about your life here the development. What about your job or hobbies?, Friends? Family and grandkids?.
  3. Why did you feel compelled to purchase your home defibrillator?
  4. Why did you think it was the right thing for the two of you?.
  5. What are some of the risk factors you both are concerned about?
  6. Does having a defibrillator in your home give you an added sense of security and empowerment? Please explain.
  7. How hard or how easy is it to use your defibrillator? Even in an Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency, do you feel comfortable that you could operate it easily enough?
  8. Where do you keep it? Do you take it places with you?
  9. I see an RV outside, and I know you both like to travel. How do you factor the defibrillator into your travel plans?
  10. Do you feel it gives you a greater sense of freedom, security and flexibility? If so, explain.
  11. Have you ever had to use it? How easy is it to use. Even in an Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency, do you feel comfortable you could operate it easily enough?
  12. What is most precious to you about life?
  13. In a sense you are giving yourselves 'the power to save a life.' How does that make you feel? Is it an awesome responsibly?
  14. Do you friends feel more comfortable knowing you have a defibrillator in your home?
  15. I'd like Melitta to relate the comment she told me on the phone, which is that she tells her friends who might witness a loved one in cardiac, 'Call 911 first, but then call us, because we'll probably get there first.'
  16. Anything else you think I've missed.

Were we given any answers?


Were we allowed any notes?

No. Although I had given some thought to the questions and typed some notes, they were not allowed on the set!

What was the schedule for the day?

08:15A - Arrive Roseville site, Scout & Load-in
08:45A - Setup 1-1 Interview with Herb and Melitta
10:15A - Shoot 1-1
11:15A - Shoot 1-1a Cutaways & Reaction shots
11:45A - Setup 1-2 Countertop with community photos & AED
12:15A - Shoot 1-2
12:45P - Lunch
01:30P - Setup 1-3 Map marked up
02:00P - Shoot 1-3
02:30P - Setup 1-4 Exterior home with Herb & Melitta, possibly RV
03:00P - Shoot 1-4
03:30P - Pre-light Computer (1-5), Move to Pool (2-2)
04:00P - Setup 2-2 Pool Compositions
04:30P - Shoot 2-2
05:00P - Finish Setup 1-5 Computer with Website in Herb's office
05:30P - Shoot 1-5, Start Wrap out
06:15P - Finish Wrap out
07:00P - Leave Roseville

How long will the video be?

About 10-12 minutes. We will "star" in about two to three minutes of it.

Who will be in the video?

Don't know much details, except (1) someone that was saved by an AED, (2) someone who lost a loved one because an AED was not available soon enough, and (3) someone (us) who personally own an AED as a preventative measure for us and our neighbors. The video is being produced for Philips, the current manufacturers of the original HP Heartstream Automatic External Defibrillator.

Did we receive any compensation?

None. It was a very interesting experience. Maybe our comments will prompt someone to buy an AED that will save a life.

How will the video be used?

It is our understanding that this video will be sent free of charge to prospective purchasers of a new lower price model of Philip's Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator for home use.

Where can I find more info about AEDs and Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

FR2 Automatic External Defibrillator